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New update [1.3.339]

Some bugs fixed. Registration problem was fixed

New update [1.3.314]

Some bugs fixed. Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 now fully supported

New minor version. New update

MacroUnit Excel QuickSearch 1.3 was released

MacroUnit Excel QuickSearch - find your data quickly and easily.
MacroUnit Excel QuickSearch is an Microsoft Excel plugin. This plugin will considerably expand Microsoft Excel search possibilities.
Excel QuickSearch will automatically filter worksheet rows which contain the required text. You simply type the required text and there and then receive results! Read how it works...
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  • Automatic filtration of worksheet rows which contain the required text;
  • Separate configuration for every file or default settings;
  • Possibility to edit of cell contents directly from search dialog box (edit mode);
  • Possibility to specify Wildcard characters in search text;
  • Reassignable hotkeys
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