How it Works

After MacroUnit Excel QuickSearch has been installed you can see new item in Excel main menu [QuickSearch]. It's main Excel QuickSearch menu. You can use it for all operations with Excel QuickSearch.
Also, hotkey Ctrl+F has been reassigned for a call of Excel QuickSearch main dialog (in the future, this hotkey can be changed to another).

If it is necessary to find any text, you can use hotkey [Ctrl+F] or menu item [QuickSearch]-[Search...] for a call of the Excel QuickSearch main dialog box.

Now you can enter required text in the 'Find what:' field. Worksheet rows which contain the required text will be automatically filtered while you typing a text.

To cancel search results (to show all rows hidden by search), click [QuickSearch] - [Show All] menu item or use hotkey Ctrl+Shift+F (this hotkey may be reassigned with another).


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